Earth Day 2021

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Thursday, April 22 | 11am-2pm | Place to Play Community Park in Santa Rosa

Drive-thru to pick-up your FREE...


The FREE Kid's Eco-Exploration Guides will be filled with fun eco-friendly activities, reusable items, and so much more! For adults, we will be giving away FREE WaterSmart Toolkits that include flow bag’s, dye tabs, and additional water-saving resources. 

Drive-thru, pop your trunk, and be on your way – it’s that easy to celebrate Earth Day with us!

Remember, masks are required.

*To prevent the spread of COID-19, this is a drive-thru only event. Participants must remain in vehicle at all times.

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Earth Day Video

Watch our Earth Day video for our favorite ways to celebrate Mother Earth from home. We hope these ideas inspire you, not only today, but all year long!

Video Play

 Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day at Home Video

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ED Website_Creek Cleanup

Neighborhood Creek Cleanup

You know where trash lurks in your neighborhood that, with a few people, could be easily cleaned up. Volunteer as household groups participate in our Earth Day Neighborhood Cleanup.

Whether you live right next to a creek or a mile away, all our neighborhoods and streets have storm drains that flow into the closest creek. Take part in the neighborhood cleanup to stop trash from entering our creeks through your neighborhood storm drains. 

Cleanups in neighborhoods, parks, along quiet streets, and along local creeks can be done safely with a pair of gloves and a bucket or trash bag. Use common sense. If it is too dangerous or icky – leave it and let us know. Go slow to find all the trash around and watch out for injection needles and other sharp objects such as nails, wire, and broken glass.

How to Participate:

  1. Review and follow the household-led volunteer safety protocols to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  2. Investigate your neighborhood for the locations/route where you will clean up.
  3. Gather your supplies: gloves and bag/bucket.** 
  4. Share safety information with your group.
  5. Complete your cleanup while being safe and having fun!

PDF Instructions

** Need trash pickers, gloves, bags, and/or full trash bag pickup? Find an injection needle or need other assistance? Let us know at or 707-543-3845.

Ideally, you can dispose of trash in your household garbage. Let us know if other arrangements are needed. If something is too big, too heavy, too foul, or too hard to access, please let us know: or 707-543-3845

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Water Savings Calculator

How may gallons can you really save with simple WaterSmart habits?

Ever wondered how much water you use in a day? Washing your hands, bathing, brushing your teeth, showering, cooking, cleaning, flushing … the list goes on. By implementing a few WaterSmart actions to your daily routine, you can conserve more than 20 gallons of water a day. Let the Water Savings Calculator show you exactly how much water you can save daily with simple tips! Calculate your savings today, visit:


Calculate your savings today!

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ED Website_Virtual Creek Tour

Virtual Santa Rosa Creek Tour

In Santa Rosa there is always a creek nearby to enjoy. Let’s see what surprises our guides find as they explore a few of these creeks. Afterwards, set out on your own safari to find a creek. Creeks run through many parks. Creeks are next to schools. Creeks are crossed by streets more than 200 times. 35 miles of trails follow creeks. There are 20 footbridges over creeks. How many steps to your nearest creek? 

Video Play

Click here for a virtual tour of Santa Rosa's creeks!

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ED Website_Photo Contest
ED_Photo Contest

Streets to Creeks and Earth Day partners are teaming up in the Russian River watershed for a PHOTO CONTEST and GIVEAWAY…. It’s simple to enter and simple to win.

Streets drain to our local creeks and rivers. They are ours to protect, and ours to enjoy! Just upload a photo in the comments below that inspires you to protect your streets, storm drains, creeks, or river. Make sure to include the location or creek name and any other details you want to share. The photo that receives the most likes will win a Kayak or Paddle Board tour and Streets to Creeks T-shirts for two! Contest is open for entries April 14th – 24th and the winner will be announced on April 28th, 2021.
#OursToProtect #StreetsToCreeks #EarthDay2021

Need some inspiration?
Post a photo from a trail or walking path you know well. Find a storm drain that gets your attention or brings awareness to protecting our local waterways. Or, take some time to learn about and explore the headwaters where our creeks start or even where all that water ends up. Learn more at

We have an incredible diversity of wildlife, plants, and people dependent on clean water in these systems. Share your photos of birds, wildlife, native plants, and recreation in our local creeks or the Russian River.

Need some likes to win?
Share this post and ask your friends for their support in raising your photo to the top with a simple like.

(Fine Print: U.S. residents only. Contestants under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to participate. Contest open to Sonoma County and Mendocino County residents. By submitting your photo, you grant Santa Rosa Water and Streets to Creeks’ partners permission to share and use it in our marketing channels (i.e. website and social media). We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate content tagged. Contest is in no way affiliated with Instagram or Facebook. Winners will be announced on April 28th, 2021. Prize will need to be picked up at Santa Rosa Water in Santa Rosa California.)

ED Website_Creek Trails Map

What Creeks have You Explored?

100 miles of creeks flow through Santa Rosa. Look for the “Ours to Protect” creek identification signs to discover creeks throughout the city. Find the creeks in your neighborhood, 35 miles of creek trails, and more information in the Creek Trails of Santa Rosa Map and Guide.

Creek Trails of Santa Rosa Map and Guide - English | Spanish

Send your mailing address to to receive a printed copy of the map and the Russian River Urban Creek Care Guide.

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ED Website_Kids Activities
Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Earth Day is celebrated during the spring migration of many bird species. Millions of songbirds are on the move, heading north to their breeding grounds. Local birds are also getting ready for the huge job of nest building and raising a family. We can help by providing some extra food for birds.


  • Pinecones
  • Peanut Butter
  • Popsicle Stick or butter knife (fingers work too!)
  • Bird Seed
  • Twine or String
  • Scissors


  1. Remove any dirt or needles from your pinecone
  2. Spread peanut butter on the pinecone
  3. Press seeds into the peanut butter
  4. Attach a piece of string to the cone 
  5. Hang in a tree where birds have some protection and cover

Enjoy watching the birds!

Muffin Tin

Muffin Tin Scavenger Hunt


  • Printable Scavenger Hunt (PDF)
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Scissors
  • Sticky Tape
  • Muffin Tin or Egg Carton


  1. Print out scavenger hunt PDF
  2. Cut out the images and place into muffin tin or egg container cups
  3. Use the muffin tin or egg carton to hunt for objects in each cup

Have fun exploring!

Ours To Protect

Personalize Your Own Ours to Protect Creek Sign

We use the iconic “Ours To Protect” image to connect with the theme of “Ours To Protect”. This activity invites participants to find the Our to Protect closest to their home and explore both physically (taking a creek walk) and mentally “What are we protecting the creeks FROM? Who and what are we protecting the creek FOR?”.   

Personalize your own Ours to Protect creek sign by clicking on the “Your Name” Creek box and writing in the name of your neighborhood creek or a creek name of your choosing. Decorate your sign with these creek images and other fun items you find.

Ours to Protect Creek SignCreek Sign Decorations

Video Play

Click here for step by step video instructions!

Nature Mandalas

Nature Mandalas

A mandala is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “circle” and is a a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. Making nature mandalas is a great way for children to become one with nature in a new and creative way.



  1. Print out mandala image to use as a mat (optional)
  2. Collect items from nature (you can use the items collected from the Muffin Tin Scavenger Hunt)
  3. Place collected items on the mandala image or on another surface to create a design

Have fun creating your mandala masterpiece!

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