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  • Ellen Bailey, Chair
    Appointed by Jack Tibbets
  • Evette Minor
     Appointed by Tom Schwedhelm
  • Magdalena R. McQuilla
     Appointed by Julie Combs
  • Mark Stapp
    Appointed by Chris Rogers
  • Marla Stuart
     Appointed by Victoria Fleming
  • Jim Wieschendorff
    Appointed by Ernesto Olivares
  • Forrest Jinks
    Appointment by John Sawyer

About the Committee

Measure O

On August 3, 2004, the Council adopted Ordinance 3680 (PDF) which imposed a special transactions and use tax to generate revenues to be utilized for specific Police, Fire and gang prevention and intervention programs, as set forth in the Ordinance. The special tax ballot measure, known as Measure O (M-O), was approved by over two-thirds of the voters and the election results certified on December 7, 2004.

In November 2016, the voters approved Council adopted Ordinance 4082 (PDF), which established a new baseline calculation based on each program's percentage of the current fiscal year's Total General Fund Budgeted Expenditures.  The baseline percentages are 34.3% for Police, 23.7% for Fire, and .4% for the Gang Prevention Program.

Formation of the Oversight Committee

In accordance with the ordinance, the City Council established a seven-member Citizen Oversight Committee (COC) to annually review expenditures and appropriations of the tax revenues generated as a result of the passage of Measure O. The Committee also reviews changes to the Measure O Implementation Plan and other items related to Measure O funding.

Roles & Responsibilities

View an explanation of Committee Roles and Responsibilities (PDF). Please note that this committee acts only as an oversight capacity and does not set policy.