Other Committees & Task Forces

  1. Joint City / County Roseland Annexation Committee

    The purpose of this committee is to determine how costs associated with the annexation of the 620 acre Roseland county island will be funded.

  2. Open Government Task Force

    The purpose of this Task Force is to review applicable law, city policy and practice, and related information in order to develop a report that will inform the community about the current status of open and transparent government practice in the City of Santa Rosa.

  3. Subdivision Committee

    The committee is charged with review of tentative parcel maps which is a proposal to divide land into four or fewer parcels.

  4. Subregional Technical Advisory Committee

    The Santa Rosa Subregional Wastewater Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was formed to present, review, and resolve mutual problems related to the Subregional System and to advise the Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities and the governing bodies of the user agencies.