Proclamation Request

Making Request

Requests for proclamations to be presented at a Council meeting, an event, or for individual needs are submitted by staff to the Mayor for approval.

All requests should be sent SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS in advance of the date needed.

Please provide the following information to the Proclamations email:
  1. Contact information (name, email, phone, mailing address) of the person submitting the request
  2. Requested date of the council meeting* or event
  3. Name and purpose of proclamation
  4. Name and title of the person accepting the proclamation
  5. Proclamation verbiage** should be attached in a Word document in PLAIN, UNFORMATTED text


Once the Mayor approves the request and Council meeting date, the proclamation is either scheduled for that date, presented at an event, picked up or mailed.  Additional instructions will be provided.
Thank you.

 *Dates are based on availability.
**We reserve the right to edit for content and length.