Fare Categories 


Anyone 19 years and older


Ages 5 through 18 years
Children 4 years and younger, ride free and must be accompanied by an adult.

Free Fare

U.S. Veterans Ride Free

U.S. Veterans ride free by showing a Veterans Administration (VA) identification card or a Sonoma County Veterans identification card. The Sonoma County Veterans Services Center (707-565-5960) can assist eligible Veterans in obtaining an identification card.

SRJC Students Ride Free

SRJC students ride free on any bus line, any time on Santa Rosa CityBus, Petaluma Transit, and Sonoma County Transit. SRJC students simply show their validated SRJC CubCard to the bus driver when boarding a bus and they are set to go. SRJC students ride free for travel anywhere in Sonoma County, not just for trips to and from campus.

Half Price

Anyone with a valid Medicare Card

OR WITH valid proof of age 65 or older

OR WITH a  qualifying Disabled identification such as a:
  • Regional Transit Discount Card, OR A
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Placard ID
The Regional Transit Discount Card (RTDC) is a photo ID that identifies people as being eligible for discounted fares on all Bay Area Transit Systems including Santa Rosa CityBus. The RTDC must be shown to the bus operator at the time your fare is paid.
 Cash Fares
   Single Use Ticket  24- Hour Day Pass


 $1.50  $4.00

 $1.25  $3.00


 $0.75  $2.00
Transfers are:
  • issued when a fare is paid (cash or ticket)
  • valid on any CityBus for 2 hours
  • valid for a discount on Golden Gate Transit (GGT)
  • valid on Sonoma County Transit (SCT) for a discount or one zone ride
  • Non-transferable
  • GGT and SCT valid transfers are good for one CityBus trip
 31- Day Passes
 Ticket Books

This convenient 31-Day CityPass eliminates the need to carry exact change for bus fare and can save money. The pass is activated by the fare box on the first use and remains valid for unlimited rides for 31 consecutive day. This pass is non-transferable and may be purchased at the Customer Service Window in the Downtown Transit Mall; online;  at middle and high school campuses in Santa Rosa;  at the Oliver’s Market on Stony Point Road and at all Safeway stores in Santa Rosa.





A ticket book eliminates the need to carry exact change for bus fare, they never expire, and are great for occasional CityBus riders. Ticket Books are available in packets of 10 and 40 tickets. Ticket Books may be purchased at the Customer Service Window in the Downtown Transit Mall or online.
   10 Tickets  40 Tickets


 $14.50  $58.00

 $12.00  $48.00


 $7.00  $28.00

ClipperCardUse your Clipper card to ride on CityBus.  Clipper is the all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area, and in limited locations you can use it to pay for parking. Clipper is currently accepted by all transit agencies within Sonoma County. 

Click here for a current list of additional bay area transit agencies that accept Clipper.

Clipper offers discount cards for youth, seniors and people with disabilities.

To add value to your Clipper card online, please visit Clipper's website here

A new adult Clipper card costs $3. Clipper cards are available through our office or online. 
Clipper will waive the fee if you order your card online and sign up for Autoload. Learn how to get a Clipper card here or order one today!

Map of retail locations where you can add value to your clipper card.