City Officials

Santa Rosa was incorporated as a City by the State Legislature on March 16, 1868. Although City Government has played a key role in the City of Santa Rosa's development, the true wealth of this City resides with the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of its pioneering citizens. In the memory of these pioneers, today's City officials are honored to lead Santa Rosa.

Maraskeshia Smith

City Manager
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Sue Gallagher

City Attorney
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Jason Nutt

 Assistant City Manager/Operations and Transportation
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Clare Hartman

Interim Asst. City Manager/Community Development & Engagement
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Ray Navarro

Police Chief
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Scott Westrope

Fire Chief
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Jennifer Burke

Director of Water
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Megan Basinger

Director of Housing and Community Services
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Amy Reeve

Director of Human Resources
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Alexa Popplewell

Interim Chief Communications & Intergovernmental Relations Officer
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Brian Tickner

Interim Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology
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Stephanie Williams

City Clerk
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Alan Alton

Interim Chief Financial Officer
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