Robocall Regulations

Santa Rosa City Code sections 10 32, 200 and 10-32.210 establish new campaign robocall regulations for City elections. For purposes of City elections, a robocall is defined as "any single recorded telephone message made in support of or opposition to a City Council candidate(s) or City ballot measure(s) and placed to 200 or more individuals or households within a 30-day period." It is important to note that the local robocall requirements listed below are triggered by the number of calls made, not by the amount expended. Specifically, the new regulations require:
  • Additional disclaimers on robocalls funded by independent expenditures (section 10 32, 200 (A))
  • Filing a robocall disclosure report and transcript with the City Clerk's Office within 48 hours of placing robocalls funded by independent expenditures (section 10 32, 200 (B))
  • An opt-out mechanism within each initial robocall (section 10-32.210 (A))
  • Display of accurate caller identification information (section 10-32.210 (B))

Robocall Disclosure Form

The City's Local 48-hour Robocall Independent Expenditure Disclosure Report form (PDF) may be downloaded online.

Robocall Reports Filed 2020 District-based Election

Robocall Complaints

Any resident who receives a robocall in support of or opposition to a City Council candidate or ballot measure and wishes to be removed from the call list should first contact the candidate or committee that paid for the call and request removal from the call list.

Residents who receive robocalls that do not provide any contact information or are otherwise not in compliance with the City's robocall regulations should report the robocall to the City Clerk's Office by email for investigation and possible enforcement action. Please complete and submit a Robocall Complaint Form (PDF) to the City Clerk.

Helpful Resources

For more information regarding state and federal robocall regulations and complaint procedures, please visit the following websites:
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