Our Mission

As the fiscal steward of the City's resources, the Finance Department provides excellent customer service, as well as ethical oversight and management of public funds.  

​Department Overview

The Finance Department is responsible for providing a variety of financial and support services to City operations, as well as the business community and general public. The Department is responsible for financial management of all City operations, the Housing Authority, and the Redevelopment Agency. Services include budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting and accounting, tax program administration, utility billing, revenue collection, debt management, purchasing, stores and warehouse functions, investments, payroll administration and disbursements.

The Unclaimed Money notice has been/will be noticed in the Press Democrat on the following dates:

September 1, 2020

September 8, 2020

Any party of interest may, prior to the date designated on the Public notice, file a claim with the City of Santa Rosa's Finance Department which includes the claimant's name, address, amount of claim, the grounds on which the claim is founded and the date, name, amount and heading shown in this notice. 

To file a claim with Accounts Payable, please FILL OUT THIS FORM and submit as directed.  For questions, please contact Cathy Haralson, Accounts Payable Supervisor, at 707-543-3133.