Community Advisory Board


  • The City of Santa Rosa's Community Advisory Board (CAB) is excited to announce the 2020 Community Improvement Grant Neighborfest Program! Neighborhood groups, including neighborhood associations, homeowners associations, and less formal groups, may apply for funding to hold a Neighborfest event and to implement a project or activity during their Neighborfest event. Neighborhood partners such as nonprofits, service clubs, community organizations, and schools may also apply to hold a Neighborfest event within the Santa Rosa city limits. Apply Today!


The Community Advisory Board (CAB) connects city government and residents so the public can have a voice in decisions that impact their lives and build a stronger community.

CAB's Strategic Plan

The CAB completed their strategic plan and formally approved the plan at their December 2018 meeting. The CAB selected three Strategic Categories to focus on: Empowerment, Expertise, and Operations. The CAB created three Ad-Hoc Committees for these Strategic Categories and will focus on the following over the next year:


1. Implement Neighborfest
2. Plan a community engagement academy
3. Proactively attend neighborhood meetings


1. Assess CAB strengths and weaknesses and conduct trainings
2. Create a list of Board assets and present one CAB member per meeting
3. Invite government departments and Council to come to CAB meetings
4. Orientation, on-boarding, and mentoring


1. Solidify Community Improvement Grant (CIG) process and voting metrics
2. Run more collaborative meetings
3. Add "accomplishments" to the agenda

In addition to developing one-year work plans, the CAB also developed metrics to help measure success and progress. To read the complete strategic plan, click here


CAB Map - Appointment Areas - Click here to see which CAB area you live in!


  • Cherie Barnett, Northeast 

 Vice Chair

  • Vince Harper, At-Large

North Hwy 12

  • Cecile Querubin, Member                        


  • Keith Roberts, Member   



  • Danielle Divine, Member  


  • Daniel Chaparro, Member
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South Hwy 12

  • Veronica Cruz, Member


  • Lacinda Moore, Member

At-Large Members

  • Miles Burgin, Member                        
  • Jennielynn Holmes, Member                     
  • Michelle McGarry, Member 
  • Carley Moore, Member                            
  • Laney Rooks, Member                               


  • One At-Large    


  • 6:00 p.m.
  • 4th Wednesday of every month, unless otherwise specified
  • Office of Community Engagement, 637 First Street, Large Conference Room, Santa Rosa

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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