Starting a Business

  1. Assistance & Training

    An abundance of resources are available to help you through the process of starting a business.

  2. Research & Business Plan

    A well-written business plan is critical to starting and running a business.

  3. Finance Your Business

    Find out which financing options are best for you.

  4. Legal Structure

    Decide whether you are going to form a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation, non-profit or cooperative.

  5. Name Your Business

    If you will be using a fictitious name for your business, you will need to check with the County Clerk to be sure no one else is using that name before completing a Fictitious Business Name Statement.

  6. Employer Responsibilities

    There are a number of legal steps you will need to follow before your business hires employees.

  7. Determine Business Location

    Before you sign a lease or purchase a commercial building, contact the Planning Division at 707-543-3200 to be sure that your business is allowed in the zone or area you've selected.

  8. Business Tax Certificate & Permits

    Whether you're operating from home or a storefront, office or industrial park, you'll need a Business Tax Certificate (sometimes referred to as a "Business License").

  9. Infrastructure / Support Networks

    With over 1,100 members, the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the success of business and works to build a dynamic local economy, one that sustains its members while attracting new businesses and investors.