Creek Stewardship

A partnership of Citizens, the City of Santa Rosa, and the Sonoma County Water Agency
The Creek Stewardship Program offers citizens who live, travel, and recreate along Santa Rosa's creeks the opportunity to protect and enhance the creeks they enjoy. An informed, supportive, and proactive community strengthens desirable qualities such as wildlife habitat and public safety while reducing problems such as illicit dumping, water pollution, illegal camping, erosion, and growth of non-native invasive plants.

The Creek Stewardship Program draws from the multitude of community resources to increase the public's appreciation and support for the environmental and social benefits provided by urban creeks. Activities include walks, creek cleanups, restoration work days, presentations on creek topics, and creek activities for youth programs. Working together, the Water Agency, the City, and its citizens can enhance creek corridors to provide efficient transportation routes, safe neighborhoods, scenery, wildlife habitat, and recreation.
  1. Feb 23
  2. Flat Rock Park Volunteer Days (ages 8 and up)

    Help take care of the Brush Creek Restoration Area and Flat Rock Park. Learn about native California riparian plants and how they provide food and shelter for fish and wildlife. Heavy rain cancels, in light rain the work continues. Colgan Creek Volunteer Days (ages 8 to adult)
  1. Mar 2
  2. First Saturday Cleanup on Prince Memorial Greenway (ages 5 and up)

    On the first Saturday of every month, help take care of Santa Rosa Creek in the heart of downtown. The Greenway provides a home for river otter, kingfishers, steelhead trout as well as parks, public art, and recreation. Visit for more information.
  1. Mar 9
  2. Laguna Stewardship Day for Families (all ages)

    Bring the kids! Join us for a day working in a one of a kind native plant garden and wetland. We will plant, weed and mulch in both the garden and wetland area. An optional tour in the last hour discusses restoration and the native plants and animals that make our home so special. Gloves, snacks and tools provided. Only heavy rain cancels.
  3. Colgan Creek Volunteer Days (ages 8 to adult)

    Help the community cleanup and nurture the restored reach of Colgan Creek. Learn about the many native California plants that grow along creeks and help them establish a foothold in their first years. Tools and refreshments provided.
Creek Stewardship2

Learn How to Become a Creek Steward

Preventing Pollution in Creeks

Every day we can act to protect local creeks by preventing storm water pollution from our homes, yards and businesses. Use the information here as a resource for how to safely use and dispose of materials that can pollute creeks and waterways. The health of human communities depends on the health of the surrounding natural environment.

Click here for more information on how to prevent pollution at work and home.

Creek Master Plan

The Creek Master Plan recommends habitat preservation, enhancement, restoration projects, and improvements to the creek-side trail system, presented conceptually and specifically by watershed. Project recommendations are based on community input, literature reviews, and extensive field survey work. Our local creeks have the potential to enhance our hearts, our minds, our health, our connections to each other and with the natural world. It is up to all of us who live, work, and play in Santa Rosa to each do our part to help make the vision expressed in this Plan become a reality.

Click here to view Creek Master Plans.

Additional Creek Stewardship Documents