Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board

The City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board provides guidance in the preparation of the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan by identifying pedestrian and bicycle projects and advising on the priority of those projects. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan includes the background, analysis of the existing pedestrian and bike pathways, recommendations for new pedestrian and bike pathways, bicycle and pedestrian accident analysis, pedestrian and bicycle education and safety programs, and pedestrian and bicycle amenities.
Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

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The public is encouraged to attend BPAB meetings!  Members of the public can also submit comments to the board by emailing Board members, using the comment field below, or contacting the Staff Liaison, Nancy Adams, at 707-543-3910 or If you are interested in being considered for appointment to the BPAB, you can complete an online application. Your application will be kept on file for consideration when a vacancy occurs on the Board.


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
On the 3rd Thursday of every month
 Municipal Service Center - South     
 69 Stony Circle
 Conference Room 5
Santa Rosa, CA 95401


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Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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Board Members

The Board consists of nine members with four-year terms. Seven of the members are appointed by individual City Council members, and two are appointed At-Large by the full City Council to represent the Disabled Community and the Senior Community.  This Board was established by Council Resolution No. 26536.
Shaun Ralston

Shaun Ralston, Board Chair


Shaun Ralston aspires to "weekend warrior" cycling status, but actually lives Monday through Friday as the regional marketing and communications manager for Sutter Health. Shaun is a dedicated bike commuter, cycling 5,000+ miles/year, and operates the staff transit / green incentive program at the local Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital.

The incentive program is designed to increase employees' use of electric vehicles, ridesharing, carpooling, public transportation, and bicycle commuting. Shaun enjoys organized community cycling events and serves as Co-Chair for the Tour de Fuzz, an annual recreational fundraising ride benefiting law enforcement charities.

Shaun is on the Board of Directors and Vice President of the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, which provides immediate emotional support and care to law enforcement and members of our community who have suffered tragedy or loss. While originally from the Midwest, Shaun has found "cycling nirvana" in Sonoma County and grateful to have found a home in Santa Rosa.

In his time off the bike, he enjoys local history, anything related to technology, music and teaching Sunday School classes at his church. Shaun has served on the BPAB since 2016 and was appointed by Council Member Ernesto Olivares.

Minona Heaviland Minona Heaviland, Board Vice Chair
Minona Heaviland enjoys biking and walking around Santa Rosa with her family, and is an occasional bicycle commuter. She is a Safe Routes to School Champion for Proctor Terrace Elementary School where her daughter goes to school. She is lucky to be able to bike or walk to school many days of the week, and would like to help more families be able to experience the fun and health benefits of biking to school.

Minona brings experience in urban planning, forestry, and natural resource management to her work conducting research, planning, and grant proposal development for Sonoma Ecology Center. She has worked in urban planning and natural resource management in New York City and Boston, and holds an M.A. in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy. She lives in Santa Rosa with her husband and two children, and feels blessed to have found her way to the mild climate and beautiful community in Sonoma County. She is dedicated to improving Santa Rosa streets and bike lanes so that they are safe for cyclists of all abilities, and seamlessly connect to the many great bike paths around Sonoma County. Minona has served on the Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board since 2017, most recently appointed by Council Member John Sawyer. .
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Kim O. Badenfort, Board Member

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Christine Dektor

Christine Dektor, Board Member

Christine Dektor has preferred active transportation, be it as pedestrian, bicyclist, or public transit rider, since high school. Living in various locations around the world, Christine has experienced the gamut of active transport services, from virtually non-existent facilities in South Carolina to extremely efficient systems and facilities in Germany. With this background, she appreciates the thought and work behind Santa Rosa’s continually improving bicycle and pedestrian services.

Christine helps Sonoma County public schools improve student and employee safety as a Loss Prevention Coordinator at Redwood Empire Schools’ Insurance Group, and this perspective influences her participation on the BPAB. Christine’s recent experience pushing her daughter’s stroller virtually everywhere within a mile radius of her home, has given her a new perspective as a person with access and functional needs. Christine has served on the BPAB since 2011 and was most recently appointed by Tom Schwedhelm.
Denise Deneau Denise Deneau, Board Member
Denise Deneau is a proud Roseland resident. She moved to Sonoma County in the early 70’s and has seen tremendous growth of population in our city that has led to making bicycling and walking comfort level more of a challenge for all. Her passion for ‘exercise for life’ roots from her Kinesiology degrees from Sonoma State University. She played basketball, softball, volleyball and track and field in her college days at SRJC and SSU, and she is the proud mom of Katie, a local soccer, basketball and academic talent.

Denise bought her first car when she was 27 years young. Up until that time it was bicycling or walking to and from work, school and all other activities. There is so much beauty in Sonoma County that can be seen from a bike or while taking a walk around town, we are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place!

Since that time with the boom in population she was concerned for her own daughter’s comfort level when it came time to teach her to ride a bike. This memory has prompted her today to join the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board as a senior advisor. Many of Denise’s senior neighbors have voiced concerns regarding comfort level during their walks each day, and she hopes to be able to address some of those concerns in this forum.

Denise is an avid animal lover, she has six rescue cats, a rescue dog and bird and two bearded dragons. She volunteers for Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County and Lily’s Legacy Senior Large Dog Rescue of Petaluma. Her favorite times are when she and Max (her rescue cancer survivor pup) spend weekends walking all over Sonoma County looking for new places and adventures to be had!
Christine Logan

Christine Logan, Board Member


Doug McKenzie, Board Member

Doug McKenzie is an avid cyclist and endurance athlete. He commutes by bicycle whenever possible. He has been active in bicycle advocacy since the early 2000s. He served two years on the SCBC board and remains active in the SRCC and SCBC volunteering for events whenever time allows. His main goal with the BPAB is ensuring safe streets for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike. Doug has served on the BPAB since 2013 and was most recently appointed by Jack Tibbetts.
Elizabeth Ridlington Elizabeth Ridlington, Board Member

Elizabeth Ridlington is associate director and senior policy analyst with Frontier Group, a think tank that works on a range of environmental and consumer-protection issues. She focuses primarily on policies to curb global warming pollution and address air pollution, and has written dozens of reports on these and other subjects. Frontier Group partners with state and federal advocacy organizations to push for adoption of better policies to protect the environment, public health and consumers.

Elizabeth believes that Santa Rosa, with its mild climate and extensive flat terrain, has tremendous potential to entice far more residents to bike and walk to work, school, stores and social activities. By making our streets friendlier and safer for people walking and biking, we can give Santa Rosans more choice of how to travel, reduce our reliance on cars, and cut climate pollution.

Appointed to the board in 2019 by Victoria Fleming, Elizabeth lives in the Junior College neighborhood with her husband and grade-school-aged son.

Charlotte Vrobel

Charlotte Vrobel, Board Member

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