Field Training Officers

The Field Training Officer Program is comprised of a Captain, a Lieutenant, Sergeants and Training Officers responsible for training all new police officers. It takes an average of 16 weeks to train a new officer on the policies, practices and geography of the City of Santa Rosa and the Police Department.

Trainer Information

Our Field Training Officers have held a wide variety of assignments in both Special Services and Collateral Duties, which assists them in providing a broad perspective on the opportunities available to new employees in the department. In 1999 the Police Training Officer Program accomplished the following:
  • Consolidated the Field and Evidence Technician Training Program With the Police Training Officer Training Program
  • Established a "Mentor Program" for Department Trainees While in the Police Academy
  • Provided Training for All Police Training Officers in Meeting Facilitation Skills
  • Received Accreditation From the State of California Peace Officer Standards and Training
  • Revised the Training Program to Provide New Employees the Skills and Competencies Consistent With Neighborhood Oriented Policing