Santa Rosa Police Department's Most Wanted

The Santa Rosa Police Department is asking for your assistance locating the following WANTED persons. If you have seen or have information concerning these persons, please call the:

Santa Rosa Police Department’s “Most Wanted” Tip Line: (707) 543-4170

The Sonoma County Alliance's Take Back Our Community Fund offers a REWARD to any person who assists law enforcement with information leading to the arrest of these criminal suspects. 


Photo of Darius BunyadDarius Bunyad

AKA Daryoush Mohammad Bunyad, Dan Bunyad

DOB 9/3/1980

White Male

5’ 10”, 185 lbs, Black/Brown

Multiple felony and misdemeanor warrants from year 2017 for charges including Sexual Battery of Restrained Person, Annoy/Molest Victim Under age 18, and Failure to Appear

Photo of Oswaldo Prado GallardoOswaldo Prado Gallardo

AKA Oswaldo Gallardo Prado

DOB 1/12/1980

Hispanic Male

5’ 7”, 145 lbs, black/brown

Felony arrest warrant from year 1999 for Murder

Photo of Jesus Alberto Sanchez LugoJesus Alberto Sanchez Lugo

AKA Jesus Alberto Lugo Cuevas, Jesus Sanchez, Vincente Sanchez Delgado, Humberto Mendoza

DOB 11/12/1975

Hispanic Male

5’ 10”, 190 lbs, black/brown

Felony arrest warrants from year 2016 for Lewd & Lascivious Acts with Child Under 14 and Sexual Offender Fail to Register

Photo of Francisco Sanchez ReyesFrancisco Sanchez Reyes

AKA Augustine Guillen-Diaz

DOB 8/27/1952

Hispanic Male

5’ 9”, 140 lbs, black/brown

Felony arrest warrant from year 1991 for Murder

Photo of Martin Santos Salcedo RodriguezMartin Santos Salcedo Rodriguez

AKA Martin Santos Salcedo

DOB 4/2/1971

Hispanic Male

5’ 8”, 180 lbs, black/brown

Multiple felony arrest warrants from year 2001 for Sexual Assault of Child and Lewd & Lascivious Acts with Child Under 14

Photo of Edgar Andres ToscanoEdgar Andres Toscano

AKA Edgar Toscano Beltran

DOB 7/16/1993

Hispanic Male

5’ 10”, 205 lbs, black/brown

Multiple felony and misdemeanor arrest warrants from year 2014 for Convicted Person Carry Concealed Firearm, Carry Firearm at School, Carry Switch Blade Knife, Obstruct/Resist Peace Officer, and Violation of Probation

Photo of DANIEL QUISTGARDaniel Riley Quistgard

DOB 2/2/1993

White Male

6’ 0”, 195 lbs, brown/blue

Parolee at large;
parolee warrant from July 2018

CAUTION: These suspects may be ARMED and DANGEROUS. Do not attempt to contact, apprehend, or detain.

If you have seen or have information concerning these persons, please call:

Santa Rosa Police Department "Most Wanted" Tip Line: (707) 543-4170