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When is a Park Permit Required?

Most organized activities and events planned for City parks require a permit. Review the following criteria to determine if a park permit is required for your event or activity. Please review Council Policy 000-09 "Event Permits" for all requirements and restrictions.
  • Required for events with an expected attendance of 100+ and for all events held in a Neighborhood Park.
  • Events on athletic fields and courts must align with the specific athletic or sport function for which the facility was designed.
  • A park permit may also be required for any of the following reasons regardless of attendance:
    • Conducting business within the park.
    • Event is open to the public and attendance cannot be determined (i.e. fundraisers).
    • Alcohol will be sold.
    • Special event equipment will be brought into the park such as inflatable structures, vehicles, animals, band, portable dance floor etc.
    • Portable toilets and/or additional dumpsters will be needed.
    • Outside the parameters of the picnic site or impact on other park patrons.

Looking to reserve a picnic area at a Community Park?

Visit the Picnic Reservations page.

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Park Permit Fees

Park Permit fees are based on attendance. Please note: 5% surcharge applies to non-Santa Rosa residents.

Park Permits Resident  Non-Resident
Application Fee $25 $25
Event <26 ppl $25 $26
Event 26 - 100 ppl $50 $53
Event 101 - 200 ppl $175 $184
Event 201 - 500 ppl $350 $368
Event 501 - 1,000 ppl $700 $735
Event 1,001+ ppl $1,400 $1,470
Event setup/take down before/after event  per day $350 $368
City Staff Burdened Burdened


Park Permits


Click here to download application


Click here to download application