Santa Rosa Water is extremely thankful for our community’s commitment to making permanent water use efficiency improvements, successfully reducing water use by 24% since June of 2015 and exceeding our 20% communitywide reduction target!

Santa Rosa Lifts Mandatory Drought Restrictions

On June 14, 2016 Santa Rosa City Council voted to lift the City’s Mandatory Drought Restrictions that have remained in place since August 5, 2014. The Council’s action is a result of the State Water Board’s recent update to the Statewide Emergency Drought Regulations now recognizing local water supply conditions.

Based on the State’s revised Emergency Drought Regulations, water agencies throughout California can self-certify water supply availability for the next three years. Santa Rosa Water worked in close coordination with the Sonoma County Water Agency to determine that the Region has adequate and reliable water supply for the next 3 years. Accordingly, Santa Rosa no longer has a mandatory conservation target from the State.  

Water Supply Reliability Certification

The Region’s adequate water supply is a result of the community’s investment in the Lake Sonoma Reservoir and its long standing commitment to water conservation. Since the adoption of Santa Rosa’s Mandatory Drought Restriction in 2014, the community has replaced nearly 1.2 million square feet of turf with low water-use landscapes, the equivalent of 25 football fields. Additionally, 5,500 customers have participated in a grant funded ultra-high efficiency toilet replacement program and over 1,500 customers have received water-use efficiency audits for their homes and businesses. 

Although Santa Rosa no longer has a mandatory conservation target from the State, the City will continue to promote water-use efficiency and implement water waste prohibitions. 

Statewide Water Waste Prohibitions 

The following water waste prohibitions apply to all Californians:

  • Outdoor irrigation must not result in runoff
  • No washing down of hardscapes, unless required for public health and safety
  • Must use a shut-off hose nozzle to wash vehicles
  • Restaurants must participate in the “water-on-request” program
  • Hotels and motels must allow guests the option of not having linens and towels laundered daily
  • Fountains may only operate if water is recirculating
  • No irrigation is allowed during and up to 48 hours after measurable rainfall
  • No irrigation of ornamental turf in public street medians

For more information on drought response throughout the state (click here).

WaterSmart Resources 

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Current Water Supply Level

For up to date information on water supply conditions visit the Sonoma County Water Agency’s Current Water Supply Levels page.

Santa Rosa will continue to monitor water supply by working closely with the Sonoma County Water Agency and the Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership to implement appropriate water conservation programs. 

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