The Management Partners report findings and recommendations are a significant step toward achieving process improvements in the Community Development Department. The tactics fall under 3 broad concept categories: 

  •  Customer Service
  •  Process and Technology
  •  Partnerships

As this is a community oriented department, the bulk of the efforts will have the greatest effect on those seeking over the counter reviews vs. larger development projects. Regardless of the project size, our end goal is to improve the customer experience at every touch point, saving people time and money through a modern and efficient process. It is important that:

  • Working with the department is a comprehensive process in which the community trusts, feels supported and is given certainty of process; and
  • Working for the department is a positive experience that empowers employees to help our customers.

Management Partners Report Documents

Closing for Staff Training - Sept 2015 Update

To accommodate intensive staff workshops as part of the Community Development Department Process Improvement Action Plan, the permit intake and information counter will be CLOSED for 2 standard business days the week of September 7-11.

Process Improvement Action Plan Updates

Pre-Application Meetings - December 9, 2015 Update

The Community Development Department is pleased to begin immediate implementation of the Pre-Application Meeting program for development projects. This process will foster early discussion and collaboration amongst project stakeholders and City staff. Primary objectives of the Pre-Application Meetings include:

  • An expedited process for early review by relevant City departments
  • A baseline for City comments that will provide more certainty in the review process going forward
  • Performance measures to ensure that projects have a more efficient and predictable project entitlement schedule

More information is available on the Pre-Application Meeting Form / Flyer.

Development in Spotlight - January 2016 Update

A Development in the Spotlight webpage has been created to provide the public with a snapshot of what’s happening in current development as seen through entitlements, engineering, and building.  In essence it is a top tier list of projects that will have the most immediate impact to the community. 

New Business Website - June 2016 Update

The Economic Development Division revamped the Business website to highlight information and resources geared toward entrepreneurs and developers, such as zoning guidance, how-to guides, and business tax certificates.  The Business site features Permit Santa Rosa, whic allows users to review permit activity on an interactive map, apply for permits, schedule inspections, and explore our data portal.


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