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The largest city between Portland and San Francisco, Santa Rosa serves a four county region as the hub for technology and entrepreneurial businesses, retail, banking and employment. Santa Rosa has a dynamic and well-balanced economy, anchored by strengths in tourism, high-tech manufacturing and retail. Residents enjoy a superb quality of life while employers benefit from a skilled workforce.

As the county seat, Santa Rosa is the heart of Sonoma County, one of the world's leading wine regions. The city is also home to the region's state and federal offices and to California's latest Welcome Center, where millions of visitors a year discover what residents already know:

Santa Rosa is the place to shop, dine, spend a long weekend or grow a business.

Empire BuildingSanta Rosa is the County seat and center of trade, government, commerce and medical facilities for the North Bay area. The area surrounding Santa Rosa is home to over a hundred wineries and vineyards, and many beautiful parks and recreational facilities.

As county seat of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa has every attraction expected within a major city, with its symphony, performing arts center, theater productions, internationally-recognized restaurants and a healthy mix of businesses in the technological, retail, medical, agricultural and service sectors. Yet, while having a population of more than 150,000, Santa Rosa still retains the warmth and small-town feel of decades past with an extraordinary quality of life for its residents and visitors. This warm and friendly city, an urban blend of art and culture, food, wine and recreation, is the perfect location for families and all travelers to stay for a relaxing and adventurous vacation.

With fine schools that include a renowned junior college, a wealth of businesses and services, a nearly endless array of recreational opportunities and a superb climate in which to enjoy them, Santa Rosa is a combination of elements that create a vibrant community. Santa Rosa has gone to great lengths to provide visitors and friends with detailed map information of our area. Please take a moment to explore some of the magic that is Santa Rosa.
Demographic Overview
Santa Rosa Population 174.972
Sonoma County Population 502,145
Average Household Size 2.63
Median Age 36.7 (2010)
Home Ownership 53.5%
Total Housing Units 67,396 (2010)
Source:  U.S. Census Bureau, July 2015 (V2015)

Age Distribution of Population
Age Group % Distribution
Under 5 years 6.8%
Under 18 years 23.4%
65 years and over 13.5%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, July 1, 2015 (V2015)

Ethnic/Racial Distribution of Population
Ethnic Group/Race % Distribution
Hispanic or Latino (of any race): 28.6%
White alone (not Hispanic or Latino) 59.7%
Black or African American alone 2.4%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone 1.7%
Asian alone 5.2%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone .5%
Two or more races 5.1%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, July 1, 2015, (V2015)

Educational Attainment of Population over 25 Years of Age
Years of School Completed Total 2010 % Distribution
Less than High School 16,583 15.37%
High School Grad or Equivalent 22,944 21.26%
Some College 27,675 25.65%
Associate's Degree 9,155 8.48%
Bachelor's Degree 20,375 18.88%
Graduate Degree 11,174 10.36%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2006-2010 American Community Survey, June 2012

2010 Income Level
Per Capita Median Household Average Household
$29,794 $59,326 $75,967
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2006-2010 American Community Survey, June 2012

Household Income
Annual Income Total % Distribution
Under $35,000 17,925 28.65%
$35,000-49,999 8,686 13.88%
$50,000-74,999 11,515 18.41%
$75,000-99,999 9,004 14.39%
$100,000 and over 15,428 24.66%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2006-2010 American Community Survey, June 2012
The city of Santa Rosa benefits from a large laborshed area that encompasses most of Sonoma County and includes the cities of Rohnert Park and Petaluma.  Santa Rosa's advantageous location near some of the nation's finest colleges and universities has resulted in a highly educated workforce. For further data, see the State of California Labor Market Information.

Santa Rosa-Petaluma MSA Labor Force and Unemployment
Date Total Civilian Labor Force Number Unemployed County Rate California Rate
April 2012 259,300 22,300 8.6% 10.5%
2011 Avg Annual 257,300 25,100 9.8% 11.7%
2010 Avg Annual 256,100 26,800 10.5% 12.4%
2009 Avg Annual 256,500 24,700 9.6% 11.3%
Source: State of California Employment Development Department, Labor Market Information Division, June 2012

Characteristics of the Labor Force:
  Construction and metal workers, food checkers, food processors and meat cutters are highly unionized. Approximately 27% of all Sonoma County employees belong to unions. Wage rates, extent of unionization, fringe benefits and related information for specific industries and job classifications may be obtained from the State Employment Development Department, 606 Healdsburg Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, 707-576-2021, or 800 Capital Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814, or visit www.edd.ca.gov.
Occupational employment and wages by major occupational group, United States and the Santa Rosa MSA, and measures of statistical significance, May 2015
Major Occupational Group Percent of total employment Mean hourly wage
United States Santa Rosa United States Santa Rosa Percent Difference†
Management 5.0 5.9*



Business & Financial Operations




54.28 -1
Computer & Mathematical 2.9 1.5*


35.03 9
Architecutre & Engineering 1.8 1.8


45.27* 7
Life, Physical, & Social Science 0.8 1.0*


37.77* 10
Community & Social Science 1.4 1.6*


24.68* 11
Legal 0.8 0.4*


45.73 -8
Education, Training, & Library 6.2 6.4


24.83 -3
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, & Media 1.3 1.1*


26.71 -2
Healthcare Practictioner & Technical 5.8 5.6


41.83* 12
Healthcare Support 2.9 2.5


18.52* 31
Protective Service 2.4 1.5*


26.19* 22
Food Preparation & Serving Related 9.1 10.9*


12.92* 18
Building & Grounds Cleaning & Maintenance 3.2 4.1*


15.01* 15
Personal Care & Service 3.1 3.5




Sales & Related 10.5 11.6*


18.83 0
Office & Administrative Support 15.8 14.9*


19.62* 12
Farming, Fishing, & Forestry 0.3 1.3*


13.51* 7
Construction & Extraction 4.0 4.5*


28.59* 25
Installation, Maintenance, & Repair 3.9 3.4*


25.10* 14
Production 6.6 6.4*


18.16* 4
Transportation & Material Moving 6.9 6.0*


16.87 0
Total, all occupations 100% 100%


$24.30* 5
† A positive percent difference measures how much the mean wage in Santa Rosa is above the national mean wage, while a negative difference reflects a lower wage.
* The percent share of employment or mean hourly wage for this area is significantly different from the national average of all areas at the 90-percent confidence level.

Source:  United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics - May 2015

Employment Taxes & Mandated Benefits
Tax/Benefit Rate/Basis Administering Agency
Disability Insurance The State Disability Insurance (SDI) withholding rate for 2012 is 1.0 percent. The taxable wage limit is $95,585 for each employee per calendar year. The maximum to withhold for each employee is $955.85. (SDI is withheld from employee wages.) State of California Employment Development Department
Employment Training Tax The Employment Training Tax (ETT) rate for 2012 is 0.1 percent. The UI and ETT taxable wage limit remains at $7,000 per employee per calendar year. (ETT is paid by employer.) State of California Employment Development Department
Unemployment Insurance UI contribution rates from 1.5 percent to 6.2 percent. The taxable wage limit is $7,000 per employee. (UI is paid by employer.) State of California Employment Development Department
Workers' Compensation Rate varies based on payroll and occupation. State of CA Department of Industrial Relations
Family Leave Program (a component of the employee-paid Disability Insurance program) Employees are entitled to up to six weeks of partial pay each year to care for a seriously ill family member or to bond with a new baby. Employers may integrate this benefit with earned but unused vacation time. State of California Employment Development Department

Right To Work
The state of California has not adopted any Right to Work laws. A Right to Work law secures the right of employees to decide for themselves whether or not to join or financially support a union. However, employees who work in the rail or airline industries are not protected by a Right to Work law, and employees who work on a federal enclave may not be.
Major Employers
Company Name Category Employment
County of Sonoma Government 5,260
Kaiser Permanente Health Care 2,640 (2015)
Santa Rosa Junior College Education 2,019
St. Joseph Health System Health Care 1,578 (2015)
Santa Rosa City Schools Education 1,740
Keysight Technologies Electronics 1,300
City of Santa Rosa Government 1,270
Medtronic CardioVascular Medical Devices 840 (2015)
Sutter Regional Hospital Health Care 963 (2015)
Amy's Kitchen Food Manufacturing 870
Agilent Technologies Electronics, Communications 817
 Sources:  North Bay Business Journal Book of Lists 2009, Dun & Bradstreet, Press Democrat, Sonoma County Economic Development Board, SRJC, City of Santa Rosa

Note:  Companies/organizations listed provide significant employment in Santa Rosa.  Employment figures listed are estimates for Sonoma County based on the average of several sources.
Distance to Markets from Santa Rosa
City Distance in Miles/Direction Drive Time
San Francisco, CA 55 miles / south 1 hour 1 minutes
San Jose, CA 99 miles / south 1 hour 41 minutes
Sacramento, CA 98 miles / northeast 1 hour 40 minutes
Los Angeles, CA 428 miles / south 6 hours 30 minutes
Portland, OR 647 miles / north 10 hours 10 minutes
Seattle, WA 819 miles / north 12 hours 53 minutes
Phoenix, AZ 800 miles / southeast 11 hours 55 minutes
Albuquerque, NM 1,136 miles / southeast 16 hours 56 minutes
Source: Randmcnally.com, August 2016

Airports Serving Santa Rosa
Name Type Distance in Miles FBO (Y/N)
San Francisco International (SFO) International 67 miles Yes
Metropolitan Oakland International (OAK) International 68 miles Yes
San Jose International (SJC) International 100 miles Yes
Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County (STS) General Aviation 8 miles Yes
Napa County Airport (APC) General Aviation 42 miles Yes
Sources: Randmcnally.com; Flightwise.com, August 2016

Seaports Serving Santa Rosa
Name Distance Services
Port of Oakland 59 miles 20 deepwater berths. 35 container crates (including 31 Post-Panamax type). Foreign Trade Zone. Warehouses and intermodal facilities. Channel deepening project to be completed in 2007. Served by Interstate 80.
Port of Stockton 132 miles Warehouse and storage handling facilities for both dry and liquid bulk materials. Facilities and equipment for containerized and breakbulk cargo. Tugs available. Convenient railway and interstate access. Customs services available, Foreign Trade Zone. Average low tide channel depth is 37 feet. Average high tide channel depth is 40 feet.
Port of Hueneme 429 miles Serves fresh produce imports and exports, automobiles and forest products. Foreign Trade Zone. Intermodal and multi-modal facilities. Lauritzen cool refrigerated terminal. 
Port of Los Angeles 450 miles 26 cargo terminals including dry and liquid bulk, container, breakbulk, omni facilities and a dedicated automobile terminal. Intermodal rail facilities. 13 acres of warehousing.
Port of Long Beach 451 miles 3,200 acres of land, 10 piers, 80 berths and 71 post-Panamax gantry cranes. Imports include machinery, electrical machinery, vehicles, toys and sports equipment, and bedding. Exports include machinery, plastic, electrical machinery, vehicles, and organic chemicals.
Sources: Port websites as of November, 2006

Rail Transport
Name Main or Branch Short or National Nearest Intermodal Facility
Amtrak Main National Oakland
Union Pacific Main National Oakland
Northwestern Pacific Main Short Connection with Union Pacific at Brazos Junction/Lombard (Napa County)

Motor Freight & Contract Carriers
Company Terminal Location Services Area Served
Freight & Crate Santa Rosa Air, Ground, Ocean International/Domestic
Al Lewis Santa Rosa Common Carrier Northern CA
Expressway Transport Petaluma Long Haul
Butch Cameron Santa Rosa Bulk Wine Transport CA
V. Dolan Penngrove Landscape/Construction North Bay Area
 Source:  AT&T Yellow Pages, May 2006

Parcel Carriers
Company Latest Drop-Off Earliest Delivery Services
DHL 4pm 10am Next Day and/or Sat
FedEx 4:30pm 9am Next Day and/or Sat
UPS 4:30pm 9am Next Day and/or Sat
USPS 6pm Noon Next Day and/or Sat
 Source:  Company Websites, January 2007

Public Transportation
Type Name Service Area Operator
Bus CityBus Santa Rosa City of Santa Rosa
Bus Sonoma County Transit Sonoma County County of Sonoma
Bus & Ferry Golden Gate Transit Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, and Contra Costa Counties Golden Gate Transit
 Source:  transit.511.org
Commute Patterns
Commute Time Number of Workers % of Workers
Less than 15 minutes 25,732 36.49%
15 to 29 minutes 26,581 37.69%
30 to 44 minutes 8,736 12.39%
45 minutes and over 9,478 13.44%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2006-2010 American Community Survey, June 2012
BIG Market Area (map of Santa Rosa and the Bay Area)

Did you know that Santa Rosa is a five-county retail hub?  Read our 2010 Retail Market Analysis.
Quality of Life
Public Parks 66
Public Swimming Pools 2
Public Tennis Courts 3
Golf Courses 6
Cinemas 3
Public Libraries 4
Theatres 2
Symphonies 1
Orchestras 1
Museums/Galleries 3
Churches 85

Avg Jan Low/High (oF) Avg July Low/High (oF) Prevailing Windspeed/Direction Annual Precipitation Elevation Avg Relative Humidity
37 / 58 51 / 84 5.8 mph mean hourly / South 30.58 inches 167 feet 73%
In Santa Rosa, temperature extremes are rare. Breezes off the Pacific Ocean keep the summers moderate, the winters mild, and the air quality clean and clear.
Sources:   Santa Rosa Chamber of CommerceWeatherreports.com

Crime Rate
Property Crimes per 100,000 Population Violent Crimes per 100,000 Population
2,589.4 484.8
Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), June 2012 (2010 Data)

Cost of Living
Location COLA Index
Sonoma County U.S.=100% / Sonoma County=127%
Source: Sonoma County Economic Development Board, Spring 2011 Local Economic Report

Housing Cost & Availability
Median Selling Price Median Days on Market Avg Selling Price Avg Days on Market
$300,00 59 $374,129 97
Source: Bay Area Real Estate Information Services, June 2012, (Figures for Sonoma County Closed Sales, May 2012)

Rental Costs
Type Typical Rent
Apartments (2 bedroom) $1,266
Source:  Rentjungle.com, June 2012, (Figures for March 2012)
Theater & Fine Arts
Wells Fargo Center for the Arts The Wells Fargo Center presents more than 100 world-class performances annually and provides nationally recognized education programs for students and adults. The facility is available for community use for a variety of events, including as a home to the Santa Rosa Symphony.
Santa Rosa Symphony Santa Rosa Symphony's vision is to create one of the leading regional symphony orchestras in America, nationally recognized as a model of artistic excellence, fiscal vitality, and community engagement.
Actors' Theater for Children An adult community theater company, performing scripts based on classic children's literature, folklore, and mythology, as well as modern originals. These productions are meant to enhance cultural awareness and awaken a taste for theater in children in a fun and friendly environment.
Sonoma County Museum The Sonoma County Museum celebrates and interprets the region’s rich history, art, and culture by exhibiting and collecting relevant objects and artworks, by serving as a vital community gathering place, and by inspiring visitors with dynamic experiences that engage, educate, and enlighten.
Sixth Street Playhouse Sixth Street Playhouse is the home of Actors Theatre and Santa Rosa Players.

Sports Venues & Organizations
Infineon Raceway Infineon Raceway is located 30 minutes south of Santa Rosa and hosts several nationally televised events, including NASCAR NEXTEL Cup, National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) drag racing, the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Superbike tour, and the IRL IndyCar Series.
AT&T Park AT&T Park, with its breathtaking views and classic design, received rave reviews throughout the country as one of the smash hits of 2000. The first privately financed ballpark in Major League Baseball since Dodger Stadium (1962), the Giants' new home features an inspiring nine-foot statue of America's greatest living ballplayer, Willie Mays, at the public entrance; home runs that splash into McCovey Cove (named after another Hall of Fame Willie); an 80-foot Coca-Cola bottle with playground slides and miniature AT&T Park behind left field that has become a magnet for kids of all of ages; and mass public transit that rivals any sports complex in the world.
Oracle Arena & O.co Coliseum The recently renovated Oracle Arena & O.co Coliseum host a spectrum of events in both the sporting and entertainment industries including concerts, circus, boxing, rodeos, religious speakers and ice shows. Currently the home of the Oakland A's, Oakland Raiders and Golden State Warriors.
HP Pavilion at San Jose The HP Pavilion at San Jose handles more than 90 sporting events annually including more than 40 San Jose Sharks regular season home hockey games, lacrosse, boxing, tennis, and Strikeforce. The building hosts 120 to 180 events every year -- including Olympic athletes, Grammy award-winners and a variety of family and children's favorites that account for more than 275 event days.

Recreational Facilities and Opportunities
Annadel State Park The park located on the eastern edge of Santa Rosa offers miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, and trail riding.
Spring Lake Regional Park This 320-acre park in northeast Santa Rosa features trails for walking, hiking, bicycling and horseback riding as well as a summer swimming lagoon, a lake for boating and fishing, a campground, picnic areas, the Environmental Discovery Center, and the Lakeside Grill.
Point Reyes National Seashore From its thunderous ocean breakers crashing against rocky headlands and expansive sand beaches through its open grasslands to its brushy hillsides and forested ridges, visitors can discover over 1000 species of plants and animals. Home to several cultures over thousands of years, Point Reyes preserves a tapestry of stories and interactions of people. Point Reyes awaits your exploration.
Lake Sonoma Lake Sonoma is located in the beautiful coastal foothills and surrounded by Sonoma County vineyards and land rich in history. This provides the perfect setting for a wealth of recreation activities including fishing, hiking, horseback riding, boating and camping.
Healthcare Facilities
Name Location Other Information
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center 401 Bicentennial Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Kaiser Permanente is a unique system for the delivery of health care, using an integrated structure that allows the health plan, the hospital and the physicians & medical group to work together in a coordinated fashion for the benefit of the patient.
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital 1165 Montgomery Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital is a state-of-the-art, 192 bed acute care hospital providing a wide range of specialty services. A Level II Community Base Trauma Center based at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital serves Sonoma and Mendocino County.
Sutter Medical Center  3225 Chanate Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 
Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa is a community based, not-for-profit hospital serving Sonoma County and surrounding communities.
4-Year Universities and Colleges
Institution Location Distance FTE Enrollment Public/Private
University of San Francisco Santa Rosa ---- 95 Private
Sonoma State University Rohnert Park 8 miles 8,311 Public
Dominican University San Rafael 37 miles 1,966 Private
Source:  North Bay Business Journal Books of Lists, 2014

2-Year Colleges
Institution Location Distance FTE Enrollment Public/Private
Santa Rosa Junior College Santa Rosa ---- 15,886 Public
Empire College Santa Rosa ---- 550 Private
Source:  North Bay Business Journal Books of Lists, 2014

Vocational Training
Provider Location Programs
Empire College Santa Rosa Business, Law, Technical, Medical
Bauman College Penngrove Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts

K-12 Education
Elementary Schools (Public)
Bellevue Union
School 2014-15 Enrollment 2014-15 Pupil/Teacher Ratio 2012 API Base Score
Bellevue 425 20.5 757
Kawana Springs 437 18.7 755
Meadow View 455 20.0 786
Taylor Mountain 528 21.7 771
Bennett Valley Union
School 2014-15 Enrollment 2014-15 Pupil/Teacher Ratio 2012 API Base Score
Strawberry 435 26.7 908
Yulupa 607 20.3 895
Santa Rosa City Schools
School 2014-15 Enrollment 2014-15 Pupil/Teacher Ratio 2012 API Base Score
Albert F. Biella 437 17.3 761
Brook Hill 511 19.4 758
Cesar Chavez Language Academy* 21.6
Luther Burbank 423 19.1 795
Hidden Valley 690 18.4 917
Helen Lehman 523 19.9 790
Abraham Lincoln 374 14.0 730
James Monroe 441 19.0 723
Proctor Terrace 461 19.3 898
Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts 355 22.6 851
Santa Rosa French-American Charter*
Santa Rosa Charter 192 15.5 904
Steele Lane 443 17.9 761
Piner-Olivet Union
School 2014-15 Enrollment 2014-15 Pupil/Teacher Ratio 2012 API Base Score
Olivet 357 21.3 802
Morrice Schaefer 447 25.2 843
Jack London 347 22.4 799
Mark West Union
School 2014-15 Enrollment 2014-15 Pupil/Teacher Ratio 2012 API Base Score
Mark West 417 22.8 879
John B. Riebli 490 23.0 836
San Miguel 419 22.0 866
School 2014-15 Enrollment 2014-15 Pupil/Teacher Ratio 2012 API Base Score
Roseland Charter *** 1,001 21.5 748
Roseland 678 23.4 801
Roseland Creek 21.4
Sheppard Accelerated 558 23.7 813
Rincon Valley Union
School 2014-15 Enrollment 2014-15 Pupil/Teacher Ratio 2012 API Base Score
Austin Creek 409 22.6 935
Binkley 419 20.9 870
Madrone 389 19.9 873
Redwood Consortium for Student Services 5.7
Rincon Valley Charter 18.2 862
Sequoia 441 22.2 912
Spring Creek Matanzas Charter 589 20.0 833
Village Charter 425 20.6 893
Douglas Whited Charter 455 20.8 916
School 2014-15 Enrollment 2014-15 Pupil/Teacher Ratio 2012 API Base Score
Robert L. Stevens 536 24.3 878
J.X. Wilson 589 24.4 887
Wright Charter 493 22.6 807
Middle Schools (Public)
School 2014-15 Enrollment 2009-10 Pupil/Teacher Ratio 2012 API Base Score
Herbert Slater 726 21.0 817
Hilliard Comstock 382 19.2 734
Lawrence Cook 411 19.7 698
Mark West Charter 132 25.2 879
Northwest Prep at Piner-Olivet 113 14.4 669
Piner-Olivet Charter 207 26.6 883
Rincon Valley 838 25.9 913
Rincon Valley Charter 254 16.30 862
Roseland Charter 1,001 21.5 748
Santa Rosa 662 21.2 833
Stony Point Academy
High Schools (Public)
School 2014-15 Enrollment 2014-15 Pupil/Teacher Ratio 2012 API Base Score
Elsie Allen 1,034 19.4 660
Maria Carrillo 1,598 23.6 864
Montgomery 1,755 22.2 791
Piner 943 21.3 701
Santa Rosa 1,983 22.5 793
Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter* 27.2
Stony Point Academy
Sources: Sonoma County Office of Education, U.S. Department of Education. 

NOTE:  The State Board of Education approved that API Reports for 2014, 2015, and 2016 will not be produced and is in the process of developing a new accountability system to replace the API.
Gas & Electric
Name Details
Pacific Gas & Electric Electric, Gas, Offers rebates & incentives
Source: PG&E

Name Supply Source Capacity Peak Demand
City of Santa Rosa Utility Billing SCWA/Russian River & Ground Water Wells

29,100 afa
2,300 afa (wells)

31.9 mod
Source: City of Santa Rosa

Telecom Providers
Name Details
Sonic Cable, DSL, e-commerce, Firewall, Frame relay, ISDN, OC3, Remote storage, Server colocation, T1, T3, VoIP
Vista Broadband Networks E-commerce, Firewall, Network consulting ,OC3, Remote storage, Server colocation, T1, T3, VoIP, WiMax, Wireless-fixed, Wireless-mobile (WIFI)

CDS Wireless Inc. / CDS Enterprises


DSL, Server colocation, VoIP, Web design, Wireless-fixed

Integra Telecom of California

DSL, Firewall, ISDN, Network consulting, OC3, Remote storage, Server colocation, T1, T3, VoIP

Net10 Internet Services


E-commerce, Firewall, Internet training, Network consulting, Remote storage, Server colocation, Web design

Pacific Online


DSL, Server colocation

AT&T Cable, DSL, e-commerce, Firewall, Frame relay, ISDN, Network consulting, OC3, Remote storage, Server colocation, T1, T3, VoIP, Web design, Wireless-fixed, Wireless-mobile (WIFI)
Comcast Cable, e-commerce, Firewall, Remote storage, VoIP, Web design, WiMax, Wireless - fixed, Wireless - mobile (WIFI)
Verizon Wireless
Source: North Bay Business Journal Book of Lists 2014

Wastewater Treatment
Name Type of Process Capacity Peak Demand
Laguna Treatment Facility Tertiary-level 22 mgd 1.7 billion gallons
Oakmont Treatment (Seasonal)
(Used to irrigate Oakmont Golf Course)
.5 mgd
Source: City of Santa Rosa

Solid Waste
Nearest Landfill Redwood Landfill, Novato, 25 miles
Landfill Capacity Projected to reach capacity in 2024
Nearest Hazardous Waste Facility Central Disposal Site, 500 Mecham Road, 10 miles
Special Services Business, food, waste, composting
 Source:  Redwood Landfill EIR 2003, Sonoma County Waste Management Agency - recyclenow.org
Permit When Required & Description of Process Permit Fee Administering Agency
Development Permit Process See the  Zoning Code Fee Schedule Planning Division
Environmental Impact Report See the  Zoning Code Fee Schedule Planning Division
Specific Plans Downtown Station Area Specific Plan Fee Schedule Advance Planning and Public Policy

Permit Timing
Permitted Use - Avg. time to permit 4-8 weeks
Conditional Use - Avg. time to permit 4-8 weeks
Zoning Change - Avg. time to permit 6 months

Impact Fees
See Fee Schedule

Air Quality
Attainment See Bay Area Quality Management District
Local Taxes
Tax Basis Rate Agency
Business License Gross receipts $ 0.34/$1000
$ 0.84/$1000
$ 1.09/$1000
$ 1.68/$1000
Minimum $25
Maximum $3,000
City of Santa Rosa
Transient Occupancy Gross Rent 9% City of Santa Rosa
Tourism BIA - City 3% City of Santa Rosa
Tourism BIA - County 2% City of Santa Rosa
County of Sonoma
Utility Users 5% PG&E
(Estimated) Ad Valorem Property Tax 1.096839% County of Sonoma Treasurer-Tax Collector
Sales and Use Tax (total) 8.5% California State Board of Equalization
Sources: City of Santa Rosa, Kosmont-Rose 2009, California State Board of Equalization, June 2012
State Taxes
Tax Basis Rate Agency
Corporation Income or Bank and Corporation Franchise Tax Combined net income apportioned to California. 8.84 % Franchise Tax Board
Sales and Use Tax (state portion) Receipts from sales or lease of taxable items. 7.25 - 9.25 % California State Board of Equalization
Unemployment Insurance First $7,000 of wages per employee per year. 1.5-6.2 % Employment Development Department
Workers' Compensation Insurance Per $100 of payroll. Varies based on job classification, workplace safety record, and insurance carrier. Department of Insurance, Department of Industrial Relations
Personal Income Tax Taxable personal income. 1.25-10.55 % Franchise Tax Board
Disability Insurance (employee paid) Taxable wage limit for withholding of $90,669. 1.2 % Employment Development Department
Employment Training First $7,000 of wages per employee per year. 0.1 % Employment Development Department
Sources: California Investment Guide, California Employment Development Department, June 2012
Nelson Staffing Solutions
(707) 576-1670
Full service recruiting solutions
Office Team
(707) 578-2232
Specialized administrative staffing
Business Location/Expansion/Growth Assistance
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
(707) 545-1414
The Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization dedicated to the success of business.
Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center
(707) 595-0060
Programs and services to help you start, grow and succeed.
 North Bay Angels A forum for learning about and making early stage investment capital (seed capital) and advisory assistance (mentoring) available to entrepreneurial companies in the North Bay.
Entrepreneurial & Technology
Pacific Venture Club Resources for Entrepreneurs, Financing Sources, Alliance Partners, and Service Providers
Industry Associations
Building Industry Association
(707) 544-7100
A professional, non-profit association committed to promoting housing for people of all income levels and the production of quality homes.
North Coast Builders Exchange
(707) 542-9502
A member-operated, not-for-profit association serving the Construction Industry in the California North Coast area (primarily Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake Counties).
Sonoma County Executives Association
(707) 578-0905
An organization of business owners and executives who have made a commitment to build a professional and profitable relationship with one another. 
Professional Association of Sonoma County for Human Resources (PASCO)   The mission of PASCO is to provide leadership for the human resources community, within Sonoma County and the surrounding North Bay Area, by promoting professional growth in the area of human resources management and providing an information network for members.

Conference Facilities
Name Type Occupancy Meeting Rooms Food Service
Fountaingrove Inn Hotel 300 7 Yes
Hilton Roundbarn Hotel 300 10 Yes
Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel 750 15 Yes
Wells Fargo Center for the Arts Arts Center 2500 4 No
Police Protection
Provider # of Stations Officers/1,000 Population Special Units
Santa Rosa Police Department 1 1.006 Patrol Bureau, Traffic Bureau, Investigations Bureau, Communications Bureau, Records Bureau, Technical Team
Sources: Santa Rosa Police Department, August 2016
Fire Protection
Provider # of Stations Special Units
Santa Rosa Fire Department 10 Training & Safety, Emergency Medical Services, Suppression, Fire Inspection
Sources: Santa Rosa Fire Department, August 2016

Rodgers - runs through Santa Rosa, Northern Hayward, Maacama, San Andreas

Seismic Zone

26, A3

Insurance Rating

Homeowners  -  California Earthquake Authority (CEA) policies are available exclusively through CEA  participating insurance companies and are available when an existing residential insurance policy is in place.  Participating insurance companies handle all servicing of the CEA policy including applications, renewals, billing, and claims.

Commercial -  rate is 10% of building value, subject to minimum premium of $10,000 per location. Applicable deductible is 15%.  Very limited number of commercial earthquake insurers.


62% probability of a 6.7 or greater between 2003 - 2032 in the San Francisco Bay Region
27% probability of a 6.7 or greater on the Rodgers Fault between 2003 - 2032

Loss Estimates - Building Damage, Economic Loss

Rodgers Fault - Magnitude 7.0 - $8,000,000,000
Rodgers + Northern Hayward Faults - Magnitude 7.1 -  $20,000,000,000

Loss Reduction Plan

California Seismic Safety Commission website:
California Earthquake Loss Reduction Plan, 2002-2006

US Geological Survey (USGS) website:
www.usgs.gov                      & nbsp;     
Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country

Customized incentives are offered on a case-by-case basis.
City of Santa Rosa Economic Sustainability Strategy

The Santa Rosa City Council adopted a Phase II Economic Development Strategic Plan in mid-2005; staff implemented the majority of the tactics. Due to the near-completeness of the Phase II Strategy in 2007, and because the national and local economy began to shift, the Council expressed support for a new Economic Sustainability Plan to address local economic concerns. At its May meeting, the Economic Development Subcommittee reviewed the proposed Sustainability Strategy and recommended Council approval. The Santa Rosa City Council formally approved the Sustainability Strategy on June 17, 2008. Read the Economic Sustainability Strategy here.

On May 4, 2010, the Santa Rosa City Council approved the adoption of aggressive augments to the Economic Sustainability Strategy and directed Community Development staff to proceed with proposing ordinance changes to codify the potential changes to development-related regulations.  On July 20, 2010, the City adopted aggressive economic development augments to the Zoning Code in order to stimulate building, business development, and job growth during the economic downturn.
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Raissa de la Rosa
Economic Development & Marketing Coordinator
Keith Roberts
Economic Development & Marketing Technician
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