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ADA Transition Planning Informational Newsletter

Hello interested citizens.  This is the second issue of the bi-annual newsletter to be published by the City's ADA Coordinator.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provide an update to the community in the quarter period when there is no meeting.  ADA Transition Planning meetings will be conducted in April and October.  Questions on any City Program or Facilities accessibility may be directed to the City's ADA Coordinator at any time via the above e-mail or phone numbers.
De Turk Round Barn Renovation
In 2007 the Recreation and Parks department was successful in receiving grant funding to restore the interior of De Turk Round Barn located at 819 Donahue St, Santa Rosa.  Renovations are now well underway and include making the facility ADA accessible.
A Place To Play
A Place to Play construction is nearing completion with 3 additional soccer fields, a lake for wildlife, and additional parking.    The park is at 2375 West 3rd Street.  Many accessible features have been included at this facility for an enjoyable inclusive family & friends outing.
Public Works Sidewalk Improvements
The City's Public Works Department is busy this year improving sidewalks, constructing accessible curb cuts and audible traffic control devices.  The following are current projects:
Aston Avenue:  Street, sidewalk and utility improvements.  
Aston Avenue:  from S. Hendley to Moraga Drive.  Pathway, sidewalk and utility improvements.  
Fulton Road between Quail Hollow Drive and Francisco Avenue.  Road widening.  Lane closures and traffic control, through May, 2009.   
Kawana Springs Road:  Street, sidewalk and utility improvements. 
North Dutton Ave., Decker, Boyce, and West 8th Streets:    Install pedestrian ramps.  Construction through September 2009. 
1275 Santa Rosa Avenue (just south of Barham Ave.):  Street, sidewalk and utility improvements. 
Sebastopol Road:  At Doubles Drive. Street & sidewalk improvements - Construction  through December 2009. 
Santa Rosa Paratransit Services
To be certified or re-certified as eligible to ride Santa Rosa Paratransit:
• Call (707) 541-7180 or TDD (707) 541-7184 to request an application and to schedule an in-person interview.
• Bring the application to your interview. We can help you complete the application at that time.
• Information you provide from your health care provider will be considered, but is not required.
• At your interview you will be asked to assess your ability to use Santa Rosa CityBus fixed route service.
• If necessary, a functional assessment will be conducted.
Functional Assessment
• A Functional Assessment is used to determine your physical and cognitive ability to use Santa Rosa CityBus fixed route service and under what conditions you would be eligible to use Paratransit services.
• The Assessment includes:
o A simulated trip to and from the bus
o Boarding the bus
o Negotiating a curb and a curb cut
o Crossing a street
• The Assessment evaluates:
o Balance
o Strength
o Coordination
o Range of motion
Determining Eligibility
• Your eligibility to use Santa Rosa Paratransit service is based on the information you provide; on your application, at your interview and if necessary, during your functional assessment.
• Interviews and functional assessments are conducted by an independent organization - C.A.R.E. Evaluators.
• Variables in the environment and their effect on your ability to use Santa Rosa CityBus will be considered.
• You can provide the names and the telephone numbers of two professionals who are familiar with your disability or functional ability. Santa Rosa Paratransit may contact them if additional information is needed.
• You eligibility to use Santa Rosa Paratransit may be conditional, which means that you may be eligible to use the service under specific conditions.
 Appeals Process
• If you are not satisfied with your Santa Rosa Paratransit eligibility determination, complete the appeal form included with your determination letter and return it to the address below within 65 days.
For more information contact:
Michael Ivory
Transit Planner
City of Santa Rosa
100 Santa Rosa Avenue - Room 6
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: (707) 543-3335
Upcoming Events
Sonoma County Mayors' Committee on the Employment of Persons with Disabilities
 Best Employer Practices Awards Breakfast October 22, 2009
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