Senior Wing at Finley

Current Exhibit

Pia McKenna: Some of My Favorite Things

April 25 - June 8, 2017
Reception: Wednesday, April 26, 5-7pm

Pia McKenna
Pia doesn't limit herself when it comes to materials and techniques. She experiments with painting watercolors on canvas as well as paper. Many of her paintings are developed with a limited palette of the three primaries: red, yellow and blue. Others have their beginnings with an abstract under painting. Because she loves to draw and paint the world around her, her subjects are animals, people, places and still life. She often quotes Degas: “Art is not what you see, it’s what you make others see.”
Upcoming Exhibit

Marcia Chastain: Happiness Through Art

June 13 - August 3
Reception: Wednesday, June 14, 5-7pm

Marcia Chastain
Marcia Chastain is an artist specializing in oils and acrylics, navigating through the academic, impressionistic and modern styles in her artwork. She is fascinated by colors and the magic possible when faced with a blank canvas and tubes of colorful paint for expressing the essence of her soul. Consequently, she brings happiness, through her art, to the heart of the viewer. The result of viewing her artwork is a delightful and enchanting experience for the connoisseur as well as the general observer.