Safety Training

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course (Full Course)

The American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course is a 46-hour course that will meet all necessary criteria towards becoming a professional lifeguard. Upon successful course completion, the participant will receive the following certifications:
  • Lifeguarding/Standard First Aid (Valid for 2 years)
  • CPR/AED for Lifeguards a.k.a. CPR for the Professional Rescuer (Valid for 2 years)
  • First Aid for Public Safety Personnel-Title 22 (Valid for 3 years)
Course prerequisites, to be evaluated the first day of class, include:
  • Participants must successfully complete a 300 yard swim, demonstrating a reasonable command of both the front-crawl (a.k.a. free-style) and the breaststroke. The swim must be continuous without rest, although there is no time limit. Goggles are allowed.
  • Participants must tread water - legs only - in an upright position with their hands in their armpits for 2 minutes.
  • Participants must surface-swim 20yds, dive to a depth of over 7 feet., retrieve a 10lb. object from the pool bottom, resurface, return to the initial starting point and climb out of the pool without the use of a ladder or steps. This portion must be successfully completed within 1 minute, 40 seconds. Goggles not allowed.
  • Participants must be at least 15 years old by the end of the course.

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Instructor's note: Swimming is an aerobic activity like no other! Therefore, if you have not been swimming on a somewhat regular basis, it is strongly recommended that you prepare yourself prior to the 300 yard prerequisite-swim.

During the class you will learn:
  • Distressed, active, passive, and submerged victim rescue.
  • Victim removal from water.
  • Spinal management and backboarding in the water.
  • CPR, AED, rescue breathing and airway management.
  • First aid skills, including: conscious victim assessment, bandaging, splinting, caring for soft tissue injuries, burns, etc.


  • $210 (non-resident) / $200 (S.R. resident)

American Red Cross Lifeguard/Cpr/Title 22 Certification Renewal (Review Course)

Important: The American Red Cross requires lifeguards to take the review course before their certification expires. The American Red Cross no longer allows challenge courses for lifeguards.

All lifeguards must take a review course before their certification expires to keep valid certification. Individuals who fail to enroll in a review course before their certification expires must enroll in a full lifeguard course to obtain lifeguard certification.

This 18-hour course is designed as an intensive review, in lieu of retaking the full course. It will cover the same material as the full course above but in an abbreviated format. This course will not renew certifications ala cart. If you are looking for CPR only, the American Red Cross offers CPR for the Professional Rescuer courses as stand alone courses on a consistent basis.

For your convenience we have scheduled review courses for all three certifications on a consistent basis through winter and spring. Please register early and keep a habit of renewing your certifications before they expire. Classes must meet a minimum of three registrants or the class will be canceled. Registrants must be able to show proof of current lifeguard certification on the first day of class to be allowed to participate in the class.



  • $145 (non-resident) / $135 (S.R. resident)
View the Lifeguard Review class schedule and register online.

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training/Title 22 First Aid Instructor Course

In this American Red Cross Course you will learn how to teach the Lifeguard Training Course (including basic first aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, AED Essentials, Oxygen Administration, Preventing Disease Transmission, Community Water Safety, Basic Water Rescue, and Lifeguard Management) and the First Aid for Public Safety Personnel - Title 22 Course.

Important: Note that each participant will have to complete the online American Red Cross Instructor's Orientation Course before the first day of class. Particpants will be charge $35 upon registration, the login information will be provided upon registration. Students are also required to have participant materials.

For inquires about getting certified as an instructor call the front desk 707-543-3760 or email Nicole Lowery the Coordinator.