City of Santa Rosa Cannabis Program

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Important Update:


Outdoor Commercial Cultivation

On May 23, 2017, the City Council adopted an urgency ordinance prohibiting outdoor commercial cannabis cultivation within the CIty of Santa Rosa.   

Limited Light Industrial (LIL) Combining District

On June 13, 2017, the City Council adopted an urgency ordinance to impose a temporary moratorium on the eligibility of the Limited Light Industrial (-LIL) Combining District for medical cannabis commercial cultivation.  

More information.

The City Council prioritized the development of medical cannabis regulations as one of the top 5 initiatives in 2016/17.  On June 6th, the City Council reaffirmed that priority as part of their 2017/18 goal setting process.  The City has made significant progress towards developing a regulated market for the medical cannabis industry to support cannabis businesses while developing processes and regulations that mirror other similar businesses that protect employees, the community at large, and the environment.   

We will be updating this and the associated pages listed on the left-side menu, as we update and develop additional information for all cannabis activity within the City of Santa Rosa.  Please sign up for our email updates to be notified of announcements and other updates.