Comprehensive Cannabis Policy Development

The City Council listed development of a comprehensive Medical Cannabis Policy as one of the top 5 goals in the last goal setting process. The City has been working on developing this policy over the past year using the City Council Cannabis Policy Subcommittee. The policy will be multi-faceted in addressing all aspects of the industry and provide guidance to those looking to do business in Santa Rosa. The current schedule for policy adoption (subject to change):

  • Draft Comprehensive Policy Development – Underway
  • Publication of the Draft Comprehensive Cannabis Ordinance – June 2017
  • Council Cannabis Policy Subcommittee – June 2017
  • Public Meetings to get input – Multiple dates in June/July 2017
  • Review public feedback on Draft Ordinance with Council Subcommittee – July 27, 2017
  • Planning Commission public hearing and review – Aug 2017
  • City Council public hearing and action – Sept/Oct 2017
  • Effective date of Ordinance – Dec 2017

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