City Council Mission, Vision, Values, Goals & Priorities


   To provide high-quality public services and cultivate a vibrant, resilient and livable City


  Santa Rosa - Leading the North Bay


     • Excellence
     • Integrity
     • Teamwork
     • Transparency
     • Innovation


     1.  Create a strong, sustainable economic base.
     2A.  Promote a City organization that is service-sustainable and maintains employee morale.
     2B.  Financial stability.
     3.  Provide leadership for environmental initiatives.
     4.  Maintain and enhance our City’s cultural, historical and recreational assets.
     5.  Improve partnerships between neighborhoods, community organizations, schools and the City to support and promote thriving, inclusive and diverse neighborhoods.
     6.  Commit to making Santa Rosa a healthy community where people feel safe to live, work and play.

Tier 1: Council’s Top Priorities

     1.1.  Reduce homelessness through a comprehensive strategy.
     1.2.  Implement a comprehensive housing strategy – “Housing for All,” including:
             • Implement the Housing Action Plan.
             • Implement rental housing inspection.
             • Address rent stabilization, pending the June 6, 2017 election.
     1.3.  Create a plan to address infrastructure and deferred maintenance throughout the community.     
     1.4.  Pursue opportunities and prepare for impacts related to medical and legalized marijuana.
     1.5.  Implement commitments associated with Roseland annexation.

Tier 2 Projects

     2.1.  Ensure long-term revenue stability:
             • Evaluate the Council’s 17% reserve policy to determine appropriate levels.
             • Evaluate the utility user tax and transient occupancy tax as compared with other cities to determine what levels would be required to bring us to standard levels and reduce our reliance on sales taxes.
     2.2.  Create a framework for a 21st century service delivery model that is nimble, fosters innovation and supports new technologies and opportunities.
     2.3.  Encourage programming in the downtown.
     2.4.  Develop and implement an emergency preparedness strategy including identifying vulnerable targets.
     2.5.  Implement Open Government report components.
     2.6.  Conduct a study session on community impact reports.
     2.7.  Support the SMART train – connectivity, transit-oriented development.
     2.8.  Plan and implement the Southeast Greenway.
     2.9.  Attract businesses with well-paying jobs and encourage the retention and expansion of existing local companies.
     2.10.  Implement participatory budgeting.
     2.11.  Increase funding for Community Advisory Board grants and review policies for determining awards.
     2.12.  Increase youth engagement services.
     2.13.  Explore options for funding the Roseland Library.