The Person Senior Wing with its elegant design and spacious rooms is the perfect spot to host your special occasion. If you would like to inquire about renting any of this space please call 707-543-3737 or email us. View the Finley Senior Center Rates (PDF).
Auditorium Auditorium (Room 5)
This room has hardwood floors, easy access to the adjacent kitchen and large windows showing off the patio and park.

Capacity: 108-180

Rates: $52-$68/hr
Fitness Dance (Room 3) Fitness/Dance (Room 3)
This room has hardwood floors and lots of room to move around.

Capacity: 48-64

Rates: $32-$42/hr
Meeting (Room 1) Meeting (Room 1)
This carpeted room is great for medium sized meetings and has a sink in the room.

Capacity: 42-48

Rates: $40-$52/hr
Multi-Purpose (Room 4 AB) Multi-Purpose (Room 4 AB)
This multi-purpose room has a removeable wall and can easily accomodate your medium to large group.

Capacity: 48-80

Rates: $36-$47/hr
Meeting Rooms (Room 21 and 22) Meeting Rooms (Room 21 & 22)
Located on the second floor, these cozy rooms have sweeping views of the park. These carpeted multi-purpose rooms can easily accomodate your medium sized group.

Capacity: 24-40

Rates: $27-$35/hr
 Meeting Room 20 Meeting Room 20
Located on the second floor, this small meeting room is quaint and cozy.

Capacity: 10-24

Rates: $20-$26/hr
Fitness Dance Room 25  Fitness Dance Room 25
This small dance studio features sweeping views of the park, a floating fitness floor and mirrored wall.

Capacity: 10-24

Rates: $20-$26/hr
Conference Room 28
Conference Room 28
This room is perfect for business and conference meetings.  Features a conference table and stylish padded chairs.

Capacity: 10-18

Rates: $20-$26/hr