SMART Train Quiet Zone

SMART train stopped

SMART Train Quiet Zone

A Quiet Zone is a stretch of track where trains do not routinely sound their horns at grade crossings. It is not necessarily quiet. At each crossing the lights and bells are still activated. However  the train horn will not be required to sound.

The train operator may sound the horn at their discretion if they observe individuals, animals or hazards near the tracks and are concerned about safety. If construction work is occurring near the tracks they may also sound the horn. Additionally, when the train leaves the station they are required to sound the horn.

So, even though a 24-hour quiet zone may be established, we will still periodically hear the train horn in Santa Rosa.  
Santa Rosa's Quiet Zone will include all the crossings from San Miguel Road to Bellevue Avenue within the City Limits.

Where is Santa Rosa in the Process?

  • August 2016, Formal Diagnostic Review was conducted with CPUC, FRA and SMART - completed
  • November 2016, Submit a Notice of Intent to FRA (60 day comment period) - completed
  • November 2016, Formalize and construct SSM's and ASM's - completed
  • Submit Notice of Establishment with specified date to FRA starting Quiet Zone
          - January 2017, Approval to submit delegated to City Manager
          - Awaiting final testing to be completed by SMART


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