Staff Directory and Contacts

Administrative Staff
Jason Nutt, Departmental Director 707-543-3810
Renee Young, Administrative Services Officer 707-543-3809
Jaime Smedes, Marketing & Outreach Coord. 707-543-4537
Susan Crotty, Admin Support Supervisor 707-543-3811
Capital Projects Engineering
Colleen Ferguson, Deputy Director 707-543-3852
Andy Allen, Supervising Engineer 707-543-4291
Steve Dittmer, Supervising Engineer 707-543-3847
David Montague, Supervising Engineer 707-543-3860
Tracy Duenas, Supervising Engineer 707-543-3952
Field Services
Steve Kroeck, Deputy Director 707-543-3891
Clint McKay, Street Maintenance Superint. 707-543-3898
Zac Brand, Fleet Superintendent. 707-543-3905
Joe Schiavone, Street Maintenance Superint. 707-543-3895
Mike Fong, Supv. Traffic Signal Technician 707-543-3888
Mark Tuyee, Supv. Electrical Technician 707-543-3889
Materials Engineering
Rob Sprinkle, Deputy Director 707-543-3817
Rich Yahn, Materials Engineer 707-543-4218
Matt Baker, Quality Control Associate 707-543-4203
Transit and CityBus
Beth Kranda, Deputy Director 707-543-3330
Julia Gonzalez, Communication Coordinator 707-543-3726
Rachel Ede, Transit Planner 707-543-3337
Yuri Koslen, Transit Planner 707-543-3335
Traffic Engineering
Rob Sprinkle, Deputy Director 707-543-3817
Nancy Adams, Transportation Planner 707-543-3910
Massoud Saberian, Supervising Engineer 707-543-3818
Mike VanMidde, Assistant Engineer 707-543-3819
Survey Team
Brad Hoffman, Supervising Land Surveyor 707-543-3859
Mike Jones, City Surveyor 707-543-3861

Business Hours

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday to Friday

Municipal Services Center South

69 Stony Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Person Painting Street Signage
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Out in the Field

Contact Numbers
during business hours 707-543-3800
weekends & after hours 707-543-3805
street lights 707-543-4305
traffic signals & electrical 707-543-3880
street flooding 707-543-3881
streets, sidewalks and signs 707-543-3881
street sweeping 707-543-3881
injured animal 707-565-7100
dead animal on private property 707-565-7100
dead animal on public right-of-way 707-543-3881
report a problem online MySantaRosa
encroachment permits 707-543-3800
transportation permits 707-543-3800
City Engineer 707-543-3800
Traffic Engineer 707-543-3814
Person Taking Bus

Pothole Hotline


Graffiti Hotline


Street Lights