2015 - 2017 Council Goals

Create a Strong, Sustainable Economic Base

  • Implement downtown economic development initiatives
  • Evaluate housing initiatives
  • Implement parking district economic development initiatives
  • Implement key components of the economic development strategic plan
  • Determine guideline for evaluating requests for community impact reports
  • Explore project labor agreements
  • Implement open door initiative

Promote a City Organization that is Service - Sustainable & Maintains Employee Morale

  • Investigate new opportunities to enhance employee morale
  • Review council, board and commission roles, duties and responsibilities

Financial Sustainability

  • Explore impacts and changes to ballot funding options
  • Develop funding plan for long-term unfunded liabilities, including labor and infrastructure, to achieve fiscal sustainability
  • Explore 2-year financial plan
  • Investigate local preference

Provide Leadership for Environmental Initiatives

  • Improve transportation network to reduce vehicle miles traveled and
  • promote multi-modal transportation
  • Establish Santa Rosa as a leader in resource recovery
  • Develop a target for energy independence and GHG reduction
  • Review urban open space plans and improve creeks and other watershed
  • Support green waste collection for multi-family dwellings

Maintain & Enhance our City's Cultural, Historical & Recreational Assets

  • Support efforts of Southeast Greenway Campaign
  • Promote Santa Rosa's history
  • Implement Public Arts Master Plan
  • Improve partnerships between neighborhoods, community organizations, schools and the city to support and promote thriving, inclusive and diverse neighborhoods
  • implement open government task force recommendations
  • Develop new 5-year violence prevention partnership strategic plan
  • Establish legislative agenda
  • Complete the specific plan for Roseland annexation and consider annexation of other county areas in southwest and southeast Santa Rosa

Commit to Making Santa Rosa a Healthy Community where People Feel Safe to Live, Work & Play

  • Clarify City's role in homelessness
  • Expand smoking ordinance for public/private places
  • Review and adjust reductions to Streetlight Program and assess new technology
  • Support emergency preparedness of residents and city staff
  • Continue design and environmental review to study possible implementation of bicycle and pedestrian bridge at highway 101 crossing near Jennings to SRJC
  • Explore living wage ordinance
  • Evaluate mobile home park rent control
  • Evaluate potential service agreement with Rincon Valley Fire
  • Evaluate code enforcement role in the City
  • Evaluate potential for City ordinance to regulate use of replica firearms
  • Explore regulations regarding alternative car services