Trainers & Instructors

Officers Training
The Santa Rosa Police Department has an obligation to provide a professional standard of law enforcement service to the City of Santa Rosa. Training increases the technical expertise and overall effectiveness of individual employees, as well as provides career development of all staff members.

Internal & External Training

The department utilizes both internal and external training sources. Law enforcement training institutes, community colleges and state universities provide technical courses for personnel in specialized assignments. Internal instruction is provided for defensive tactics, use of force and firearm qualification.

Field Training

New officers are subject to an intensive Field Training Officer Program that acclimates them to both the department and the community. Training and Instructor positions within the Santa Rosa Police Department are considered a collateral duty; employees are assigned as instructors in addition to their normal work duties.
  1. Driving Instructors

    To be a police officer, you are required to drive a patrol vehicle 8 to 10 hours per day through the worst conditions possible; rain, fog, sleet, and sometimes even snow, at high speeds, through tight squeezes, and on dark stormy nights.

  2. Firearm Instructors

    The department's Firearms Instructors are police officers specially trained to instruct sworn personnel on how to use their firearms safely and effectively within the course of their duties.

  3. Field Training Officers

    The Field Training Officer Program is comprised of a Captain, a Lieutenant, Sergeants and Training Officers responsible for training all new police officers.